Nov 17

A Pleasant Evening, part 1


It was a pleasant evening. About 78 degrees. 7 PM, and a delicious

dinner had just been consumed by the 4-people sitting on the farmhouse

steps. Three of those people knew each other very well, having spent

their high school days together, graduating just 8 years before.

The fourth person, my husband, the native New Yorker who regaled my

Mother with stories about his misunderstanding that those big dogs

lumbering around all the Pennsylvania farms were, in fact cows, not big dogs.

‘Course she didn’t believe him, but she did enjoy his stories.


When one finds one’s self outside in rural PA after sunset, in 1958,

the night sky is awesome. Millions of stars twinkle in the firmament and

no one can imagine that this view will be gone very shortly because of

the new Interstate and all of its lighting, or the regional high schools

growing up now with their lighted football fields, etc. and many newer 

structures being opened in town and all the night lights that will occur

before the next 8 years come. (I sometimes wonder if this is when we

finally, lost paradise.)


As we sat there reminiscing about our school years and life as it is

now, we were abruptly interrupted by a strange occurrence. Overhead were

6 glowing, circular objects, one behind the other in a row. They were

lit by bright orange, and as they flew over our heads, we concurred

that we all saw grayish objects on the underside of each structure. We

could not determine how big they were because we didn’t know how high.

But fly they did or rather float might be a better term since we saw no

wings, tails or other depictions that would say “air plane”. Although

those gray things we saw on the underside of each object might be

considered some way to conceal landing gear.


During my research into various discussions of faith, beliefs, etc., I

had read stories about UFOs and was delighted to see these strange

flying objects that looked so much like how UFOs have been depicted. In

fact, I never went into the night without looking up, hoping to see a

UFO. My friends while expressing an interest in what we saw, had no

memory of hearing the word UFO, nor were they much interested.


When I realized that I would be moving to Fort Wayne, I was convinced

that because my niece lived “in the country” where it is dark at night,

and one can see millions of stars” I would be rewarded often with passing

UFOs. Unfortunately, I guess because of my 32 years in Florida and my “thinned

blood” even in August, it was too cold for me to stay outside more than a few very

short minutes. I’ve not looked up since, mainly because it is rare that I even venture out at night

 (And it has been 52 years since I saw those orange orbs. Did I really expect to see them – or a similar group – now?

I was blessed with a wonderful husband who, while he studied more mundane

data on line than I did, was interested in my research findings, and never lessened

their import on me. So after we left my friend’s home, we entered into a very

animated and anxious conversation.

End of Part 1.



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