Nov 17

A Pleasant Evening – Part 3

And I use History Channel for as much information, most of which might just be conjecture, but sure is interesting to me. I believe that something or someone helped our early people’s build the structures in the middle east. For instance, how were the pyramids built without  help or how could the builders have more knowledge in how to build these structures?  

Even our builders today have no idea or knowledge 0f how  this was done. Almost all ancient peoples spoke of their gods who “came from the sky”.

Well, I do believe that UFOs once arrived here from somewhere other than our planet. I think we are “star children”, many of whom were “designed” from the ancient gods, those that UFO followers on the History Channel, call “Ancient Alien Gods”. 

I once tried to present my belief in ancient aliens as ancient gods but the rolling eyes and snickers caused me to give up trying to share part of my belief system. (I can do it here because I can’t see the rolling eyes, or hear the snickers and you can just click the tab to close the site. Of course, feel free to connent.

 Through my perusal of ancient texts, books by Zecharia Sitchin, and the series Ancient Aliens from the History Channel, I have kept my brain busy, my exploring self unsated; I don’t apologize for my interest, nor for my acceptance that UFOs exist. 

I know many will say that Shirley believes in conspiracy theories or something equally as stupid. Perhaps. But no one believed that washing one’s hands before a doctor were to see his patient would prevent infection. It seems as if our entire repugnican government and it’s leader do not believe that global warming exists, and this in contrast to the innumerable scientific evidence that proves it is true. 

I have seen UFOs only once in my life. I was a believer before that night in 1958, but I believe even more so, especially since my father, a Lt. Colonel in the USAF, suggested that the South Korea airbase pilots were scrambled to explore the incoming UFOs. I don’t expect that I will  live long enough to know the truth about UFOs, or Alien Gods but I have the rest of my life to eagerly learn as much as I can

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