Nov 17

A Pleasant Evening – Part2

The following day, while travelling in the back of Daddy’s car we began the discussion again. Volunteering, my father said that while he was Provost Marshall at an air base in South Korea, there were innumerable scrambles by US pilots ordered to follow whatever it was that flew over or around the base.

Hot dog. If my father, a no nonsense multi-war veteran could discuss and verify that UFOs exist, I was certainly going to pursue more about these flying structures.

Well I know I have been misunderstood by women most of my life because I have not been the ‘ideal” woman. I absent myself from small-talk with others and spend time in the ham shacks of our amateur radio friends; most of them are male. Of course. 

But, then if you are a wife with a life outside the home and do not have any children, nor can you exchange a full-range of  pictures of your children, since you have none, you are not being “feminine”.    

The only thing I wasn’t interested in was someone else’s husband. Just try to prove that to a room full of females whose husbands have moved to the ham shack. If they weren’t on  






the golf course, they were in the ham shack, talking to someone else. But, one must remind wives who complain, that her husband may be secured in the ham shack, but he IS home most of the time. 😊

And so many hams were UFO nuts. Yes, many participated in the conspiracy theory genre, but a lot were avid believers, many because of the contacts they had while hamming with people who had seen a UFO. (And in the years of space travel, many of my ham friends actually did record comments between the astronauts and ground control, on transmit channels closed to the public. 

There were times when comments cloaked in speech that intimated that UFOs or entities were described. (One of the super traits some hams have is the ability to monitor communication channels not open to the public.)

The History Channel. Now that is an awesome place. If you like to drive into the frozen North, or search for the Yeti, or (check the history channel) you can watch on a weekly basis, all the completed series. If you want you can stay with the History Channel from the time you awaken until bed time. Never a boring moment. Ancient Aliens is one great series.

End of Part 2
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