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‘Standing on the Side of Love

Standing on the sideof

While I stated in an earlier post that this site will display the ramblings of an old woman. I may ramble in many directions. From UFOs to being a teenager in rural America, to our trip to Paris, or ancient history as depicted through the History Channel on TV, I will ramble. Perhaps my ramblings will be abhorrent to you, but I am a firm believer that us old folk ought to be queried by the Now generation; I think it is important that the younger generation should ask questions, discuss and share life experiences with the older generation.  Maybe just to keep alive the memories of us oldsters. If my ramblings be abhorrent to you, stop reading, or, better still, write your own rambles. I would read them. Or, perhaps, painting a picture of how our generation grew up and matured. What was it like when you were a kid, Aunt Shirley? What did you watch on TV when you were a kid? Well. We watched the radio (try to explain that phenomenon) and listened to a deep voice saying Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Scary and exciting, because a scary activity is about to get underway. No, we didn’t have Pixar, or Slash 5, but for my generation, it was exciting enough.

And, so, I begin my ramblings, Standing on the Side of Love. With my move to Fort Wayne, I, finally found a church or a spiritual Congregation that I could accept and join. I became a member of the  Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Wayne. In fact, I told my niece that I would not consider moving here if there were no UU congregation; but, of course, there was. Since my husband was an “opt out Jew”, never having been bar  mitzvah, and I was an “opt out Christian”, even though I had been baptized, neither of us followed any religious sect, although we both enjoyed the old time gospel hymns. In fact, we spent many an hour watching and listening to the Gaither family Gospel Hour.

Hallelujah I have found my way!

I am particularly moved emotionally by this Congregation and the messages delivered by our minister, or my fellow congregants who serve in the shared ministry of this church. There are groups within the congregation who perform activities which enhance, extend, serve, and provide fellowship to any people especially any who are included in groups of people as represented by the banner above.

My misfortune and disappointment are that there is little I can do to further the efforts because I am somewhat infirm, unable to drive at night, and unable to walk vast differences from where I would have to park to where there is a meeting or other social activity. I am a member, however, of our “Club”, Sisters Over 70. We meet each month and a member presents some type of program at every session.

I am, of course, very liberal in my life and the words stated in the banner above say it all for my Belief System. In fact, while living in NYC, I refused to take the Readers Digest with me for reading on the subway. The reason: I would cry with real tears whenever I would read a Human Interest story; and if you know the type of reading found in the R.D.it  is human interest stories you will, of course, understand my decision not to carry that booklet with me,.

It has been an enigma to me being a member of this church because:

I am agnostic and not an atheist – the term which seems to follow all people whose religion is considered secular. I think most of the earlier church’s members believed that we are just here, having evolved from earlier entities, in addition, I believe that a very large portion of church members are ex-Christians. I believe, basically that a god does exist, probably close in definition to the Christian God, but certainly I do not believe in Christianity, although I believe that most members of my church are former Christians. In addition my beliefs create a very real puzzle in my life and my beliefs.

It has been an enigma to me being a member of this church because:

I not only believe that a god exists, one who is androgynous, one who created something like the  “Big Bang Theory”; but I also believe that it was the center of this god from whom I and all of mankind radiated, alighting as an entity in any of the planets found in the universe. We call them human beings here, but we do not know what they are called on other planets.

It has been an enigma to me being a member of this church because:

I also believe that we are “star people” that have been imbued with DNA not part of the human being’s basic DNA. I believe that these are aliens who, being more advanced in theory than those on our planet came to earth in their own space craft (UFOs?). They are not gods, but the people living then could not but call them gods since they “came from the sky” and taught so much new stuff.

It has been an enigma to me being a member of this church because:

I also believe that we all are reincarnated individuals having been spewed forth from the moment that god created his/her universe and that we must, eventually return to the god-figure when we have learned all lessons that must be learned before eternity is ours. Those alien gods who descended from heaven were just other beings who lived some place else, some other planet.

Moving to Fort Wayne and attending the first church, in at least 70 years, at what has become My Church, I was moved to tears when sermons, or hymns, or readings were uttered. This church, its people were parroting my feelings and beliefs. After more than 70 years, I was finally home. I was enthralled and so inspired and even knowing that the UU churches were liberal, I had never been any closer to that thesis by others. Only Sherm (my husband) and I had discussed the topic often.

My Reward is A Life full of Love, Service, and Acceptance

I have always stood on the side of love, ( a tenet in this Congregation) and believe every word in the banner above. I suppose you could say that this is my political and social belief system, but nothing above can be misunderstood as a part of Christian doctrine. At times, I feel sorry for American Christians, who still believe so much of the dogma that has been pointed out, often by TV evangelists, that force them to waste their lives, in my estimation, sacrificing living because they will get their reward in an after-life that will fulfill all of their dreams. Often times citing God’s judgement for things that occur, such as 9/11, or any of the recent mass murders.

The intent of this post, however, is to publicly thank my church and its members for welcoming me “to the fold” and for their total commitment to the above tenets. This should have been the intent of all of Christianity I think and why, at the age of 16, I decided that I could no longer practice the religion of my family. But being the teenager I was, I waited until I left home after high school graduation, to begin a careful investigation into what religion do I believe is “real”.

It has been a long search and I suspect that it will never end, and that is OK. I do believe that every human, every entity never truly dies and like the trees, the flowers and other perennials that Man is perennial, also. You see I do believe in reincarnation.

And, yet, my quest continues

 If you have never visited the Association of Research and Enlghtment, https://www.edgarcayce.org/, you have not, perhaps, completed your search for enlightenment. The story of Mr. Cayce’s life, the organization which grew out of his experiences and the modern display of that organization is, in my opinion a good place to research, whether as a last resort or as part of your journey. It began my learning; it opened my mind to things that were never even thought of in my day.

Yes, my belief, and its system, is an enigma –but, how does one maintain a life so old without creating the need to discover the unfurling of those enigmas? I am not fettered by a belief that tells me I must not do this or that. I can research, I can ask, I can spend a day reading an intellectual treatise; I can spend many hours viewing videos that describe something I find interesting; I can change my mind and I can reverse my beliefs. I am free; I am a deep well, needing knowledge; I love me and I love my life and, most of all, I love, respect and stand ready to help my fellow human being.


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