Jun 18

Rest In Peace My Little-one


May she rest in peace, my precious companion, Mandy(2). She did recover, but, actually became worse as the next week continued.

It was strange because she seemed to become well, eating, drinking and spending extra loving time with Mom. What I did not know at the time, nor did the doctor, she was suffering from a brain tumor which manifested itself as a watering left eye until the bulge appeared and the headaches began.

I was devastated, but could only request that the doctor now allow her to receive relief and end her short, twelve and one half  year life.

I loved this cat with all my heart. She is missed horribly and at times I can see an orange streak as it passes the corner of my eye very much as she used to do as she flitted from her last place of rest. While it may seem weird to some, to me it might mean she hovers near. (I do not believe that death ends our lives).

I think the only thing that gives me some respite is the belief that she is awaiting me at the Rainbow Bridge. Surely, at my age, it will not be long before we will once more be reunited.

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