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Jul 18

The heart Stops…but Life continues

I know it is time to present another ramble, but I feel less able to cope now that my Mandy[2] is no longer with me. But, the time has come, and I must try to ramble on once more. I vowed as I established this web site that I would not do any political ramblings. Unfortunately, this vow has become less permanent in this environment over-taken by the person now attempting to be President of the United States. His name will not be mentioned by me because I find it totally unbelievable that anyone, who considers his or her self to be a citizen of the USA could vote for this idiot and is willing to remain faithful to this incumbent. I not only feel panic at losing my country and its democracy, but complete shame and helplessness at the fact that some of my countrymen and women could vote for him. He certainly never hid what his beliefs and practices would be, demonstrating in no uncertain ways that he was to “lead” by autocratic methods, indeed saying that he could do it all – and without help. Therefore, the loss of Mandy who was my support and object of my declarations (when not yelling at the TV, that is) has left me sweaty, deflated and, physically scared.

Indeed, how can I write a short, newsy tidbit, while feeling unease within myself? Well, having lived so long, it comes easy to chit chat insignificantly about my world without expressing any anxiety over my national plight.

Unfortunately, I just cannot get pepped up over sports, especially soccer. Apparently, soccer has made millions of Americans rabid soccer viewers. And, of course, with the World Cup active now, and with watchers of the TV games, now spending hours talking among other game watchers about each team and how they have done, one must suffer through the comments among the news teams before one can hear the “real” news. I have never watched a soccer game, nor do I understand the scoring. I sat down one afternoon to watch, but I got bored even though the play was exciting, nor did I understand what is considered legal or illegal and found the scoring foreign to me. Anyway, I find that I will let soccer viewers view soccer, while I read books from my Nook or my Kindle.

I have managed to make a ramble on this page and it will serve me now. But, may I suggest that if anyone is contemplating purchasing a pet, specifically a cat or dog, consider doing so by adopting a pet from an animal shelter, where minimal fees are levied but an identifying implant may have been implanted for the pet for identification, and, perhaps also, neutering the sex of the animal was also performed. If you are not in the market for a pet, consider contributing to the ASPCA or other animal shelters. It will give you a warm feeling of comfort, and it will be a Godsend feeling of joy and/or comfort to the animals. The irony that I must now face is the fact that before I adopted Mandy[2], I thought long and hard about the fact that at my age (which was 75  then), how fair would it be to this precious creature to be left after her mentor, her total love went away. I am glad I decided that I could help her with love and a home during the duration of life that I had left. The horror of being left alone fell to me. She was so sweet, so loving, so dependent upon me and, yet, I failed her horribly when she needed me the most. May she Rest in Piece; she is, at least, now free from her pain and discomfort.