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Aug 18

Shorter than 2 dimes

It might be better if I kept my ramblings to myself, but that’s no solution to having a web site where my ramblings are presented.

I have now lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana for 8 years and I have never once remarked about how wondrous and courteous people are here. I have found people very respectful, protective and helpful to this old lady. I have been helped in the grocery stores, at my car at time of placing the groceries there, at the doctor’s waiting room when I have been led to the front of the line by people I know have been waiting a considerable time. While I am very appreciative and have thanked them, I feel that they have been far and above the under-rated thank you. Nevertheless, my thanks are heart-felt and come from my inner self who never believed that she (me) has ever warranted their help. But, if anyone of you is reading this now, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Each of you has earned another star in your crown.

And those are my ramblings for now. I had every indication when I developed this site that I will ramble in small items, never typing more than can be read in a short period of time. But you now know why I am never found on twitter. There is no way my “comments” can be restricted by a few hundred words.

See you next time.


Sleeping Cats
Sleeping Cats