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Dec 18

Mom Makes Changes in Life with Le’a

Yesterday, I was truly expecting to contact my niece and nephew to tell them that I was definitely accepting their offer of taking over her training and life, wanting them to adopt my precious Le’a because I was just not able to control her behavior. But then, last night that precious angel on her very own climbed, well, actually jumped, on my bed, laid herself down as close to me as possible and she spent the whole night (short though it is) with me and awakened me by a light tongue touch on my nose.

Change is Inevitable

Of course I awakened, loving her and her very obvious acceptance of my security, and, yes, love. Right then, mom made her decisions to reject any necessity to interest family in adopting the little angel I promised to care for. I will no longer spritz her with water, yell at her to get down, or reject her ideas of travelling over Mom’s work area. After all, if Mom is there, so Le’a should, no Wants to be, there also.è


Today was a definite unusual one, since I made my decision and she considered her need to travel over tables and chairs to sit (on my chair-side table) as close to Mom as possible. Before having her breakfast, she needed to jump on the stove, walk to the sink over the countertop and drink a gulp of water that was in a container waiting to be washed.

Actually, I surprised myself by giving her a quiet down, please and a loud happily stated Thank you when she did the very first time I asked. I guess last night she decided to accept me, also

Surprise, Surprise

In any event I look forward to what lies in store for us. She saw Dr. Jill this morning, received the final injections necessary for new kittens  and is awaiting surgery for sterilization in February. 

I hope this means that my rambles will occur more frequently perhaps well documented with some new things, old things, unusual things and articles that might be of interest to others. So, until then, have a Wonderful New Year and loads of health in 2019.