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Oct 17

Talking dog for Sale, $5.00

Dog for Sale,   $5.00


A man tried to sell his neighbor a new dog. “This is a talking dog,” he said. “And you can have him for five dollars.”

The neighbor said, “Who do you think you’re kidding with this talking dog stuff? There ain’t no such animal.”

Suddenly the dog looked up with tears in his eyes. “Please

Another pix of Mandy

 (Yep, Mandy)

buy me,sir,” he pleaded. “This man is cruel. He never buys me a meal, never bathes me, never takes me for a walk. And I used to be the richest trick dog in America. I performed before kings. I was in the army and was decorated ten times.”

“Hey!” said the neighbor. “He can talk. Why do you want to sell him for just five dollars?”

“Because,” said the seller, “I’m getting tired of all his lies.”

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Sep 17

How did we get here?

The main reason for this site is my intense interest in getting back into some writing and coding for web browser use. I loved the ability to be able to develop a web page by learning and using this “foreign language’ of HTML and CSS.  (Maybe having learned Morse code so many years ago and using it almost exclusively in ensuing years of “hamming”), has permitted me to be, surprisingly, good at the process.  

I live in a housing complex with many old women, who are widowed and still quite active. They think I am crazy. But I am happy and enjoy what I have begun. Yes, it takes time from other activities and my companion loudly complains about her loss of time with me, but I spend plenty of time playing with her, even giving her treats if she doesn’t complain too loudly when I am busy with web stuff.  

BTW, she is a cat, name of Mandy2. That name because her sister was named Mandy, also. The 2 came in because I figured it would be easier for me to remember the name Mandy, rather than to give her another name, since I would probably be calling her that, anyway.. ‘Course her sister was a dog. Their pictures are below me. Mandy (1) had to be euthanized because of multiple chronic diseases and I know she met my husband at the rainbow bridge when he made his transition in 2008.


                                                           Mandy (1)

Both of these dear companions have their picture albums on  “lotublossom’s jAlbum site:

Last updated 9/10/2017
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