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Sep 17

About Me


Shirley Sharan, developer, author this site

 This site was developed by Shirley Sharan, who has been working with Web sites since the mid 90’s. Having pursued most of the I-net improvement classes offered on the web, Shirley has completed many html, CSS, and Java Scripts courses offered on-line and continued to learn from them, so at one time she had approximately 20  various sites for textual pages and varied digital imagining courses, many “homework” requirements..

Shirley was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1932 together with her twin sister, Maurita. She graduated from Carlisle High School in 1950 and moved to NYC where she entered Mt. Sinai Hospital School of Nursing, graduating in September, 1953, beginning as an operating nurse at her school hospital.  In 1955, Shirley began working as an operating room nurse at the Hospital for Special  Surgery, also in New York City.

In 1956 she married Sherwin Sharan and they lived in Queens county, NY, until they purchased a house in White Plains, NY, living there until they moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1977. In Florida, after her retirement in 1983 she began her web education.

Shirley also became a ham radio operator in 1957 and was very active as a ham until conditions for good reception caused her and her husband to close their radio operations shortly after moving to Port  now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her cat, Mandy2.

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Sep 17

How did we get here?

The main reason for this site is my intense interest in getting back into some writing and coding for web browser use. I loved the ability to be able to develop a web page by learning and using this “foreign language’ of HTML and CSS.  (Maybe having learned Morse code so many years ago and using it almost exclusively in ensuing years of “hamming”), has permitted me to be, surprisingly, good at the process.  

I live in a housing complex with many old women, who are widowed and still quite active. They think I am crazy. But I am happy and enjoy what I have begun. Yes, it takes time from other activities and my companion loudly complains about her loss of time with me, but I spend plenty of time playing with her, even giving her treats if she doesn’t complain too loudly when I am busy with web stuff.  

BTW, she is a cat, name of Mandy2. That name because her sister was named Mandy, also. The 2 came in because I figured it would be easier for me to remember the name Mandy, rather than to give her another name, since I would probably be calling her that, anyway.. ‘Course her sister was a dog. Their pictures are below me. Mandy (1) had to be euthanized because of multiple chronic diseases and I know she met my husband at the rainbow bridge when he made his transition in 2008.


                                                           Mandy (1)

Both of these dear companions have their picture albums on  “lotublossom’s jAlbum site:

Last updated 9/10/2017
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Aug 17



Welcome to this  humble site:  Finally, in the 85th year of my life, I am starting anew to work within the great big Internet. You know, that site that is so “hard” and scary that people my age could never be able to work in, live around, or successfully complete the tasks needed.

Nonsense. in my next page I will re-load the story of my spiritual life which was last edited in 1995.

In addition, I not only coded the html, using CSS, but this was completed after multiple courses I pursued right here on the I-net from established learning centers or via web sites. I began learning and writing pages for the internet, firstly because I felt my dog needed a page of her own. Well, she got it — that first page and 10 others. Secondly, I was not yet 85, so I had plenty of time to stretch my brain with new learning and, so, here I am.

I have no idea how I could be so old, since no one in my family ever lived this long. Some might conjecture that I was too stubborn to give up; Perhaps that is true, but I prefer believing that because I kept learning new things kept my brain active; but, also, this learning energized my body by the flooding of brain waves. Whatever, I am here and I am still able to communicate.

I plan to keep these pages moving, being filled with family love, family pictures and the ramblings of an old woman. And I have no doubt that my precious

niece, Michele, will destroy these pages, cancelling my hosting services, but so be it. Perhaps, she will read these pages before she destroys them.

(Words in blue —  Below: For my Niece)

This is a suggestion to you, Michele, read these pages before you have them destroyed. Not because they are great, but because you may begin to understand me and what has kept me so busy these past few years. I had hoped that you could see all my pages, the school work, the photography, and the various learning “homework”.

But, unfortunately, all my work was sent to the shredder when I had failed to find the e-mail informing me that my domain was now up for renewal. Well, I saved some money, but I feel really sad that I can no longer read some of those pages and that I will never be able to share it with you. Not to worry, I have had fun and, in addition, your suggestion that I relocate to Fort Wayne, Indiana, was a wonderful suggestion, and I have never regretted it..

And, so here I am; we are with a quarter of the right column missing copy to make the columns of type even. Well, I am not a print copy adjuster, so we will leave it just so.

So, why not look at a picture. (Guess what it might be) 🙂


Smiling Cat

A Very Pretty Smiling Kitten

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