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Dec 18

Another Life, Another Love

Well, here I am, finally. This old woman needs to have her head examined, rather seriously. So much has happened since my last ramble, but very little has been concluded. I now have possession of, the owner of, and the mother to my precious 9 week old kitten. Believe me, being 86 is certainly not recommended for adopting a newly born kitten. My niece introduced me to the idea that she was going to adopt a kitten, but it will be mine if I want it.  Dear Lord, why am I always bombarded with choices that, despite their troubles, are just my cup of tea — important to make a positive answer to?

Well, I spent a short (Very short, I fear) time debating and soul-searching, yes, and even dreaming of bringing another feline companion to my home and my heart. Yes, I have now brought a wonderful kitten to my home. She is beautiful and her eyes are so different from “normal” eyes, since she has black pupils, but golden eyes. They are beautiful to me but may change as she grows older. Her name is Le’a with a grave accent over the e, so pronounced as LayA.  Le’a is sweet, stubborn, inquisitive, but totally lovable.

She is still small

So far, however, I have kept her out of the bedroom since the one time she did enter, she found the computer, it’s thousands of loose papers (I am laissez faire when it comes to my work area), and she decided it was more important that she lay on the laptop than that Mom should write this note. But in keeping her out of the bedroom, I kind of volunteered to stay out, also. So, I try to sleep in my easy chair while she does lay with me on the chair. She sleeps very well; I get my sleep while watching TV later in the day.  I have just taken her picture while she is sleeping. She is totally trusting of me but I have to teach her that, “No, it is not acceptable to grab one’s hands or feet, trying to chew anyone of them.”

This is my hardest task. The minute she was placed on my lap she grabbed my hand and brought it quickly to her wide open mouth. While I prefer another way to teach things that are not acceptable than yelling No, I need to get a small bottle filled with water to splash in her face each time she does a ” No”. That picture of her, asleep on my chair, is pictured here. Her “official picture”  will lie on the home page. I took the picture here, just before bedtime the very first day we met. I am particularly proud of that one simply because she sat so close, looked so sweet and allowed me to take that picture. 

With the above words I conclude this post., Happy in the thought that I am no longer alone, I now have a new love, and we will be able to live together in peace, especially when I finally convince her that I am more stubborn than she will ever be.

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