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Aug 17

About Me


Shirley Sharan, developer, author this site

This site was developed by Shirley Sharan, who has been working with Web sites since the mid 90’s. Having pursued most of the I-net improvement classes offered on the web, Shirley has completed many html, CSS, and Java Scripts courses offered on-line and continued to learn from them, so at one time she had approximately 20  various sites for textual pages and varied digital imagining courses, many “homework” requirements

Shirley was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1932 together with her twin sister, Maurita. She graduated from Carlisle High School in 1950 and moved to NYC where she entered Mt. Sinai Hospital School of Nursing and graduated  in September, 1953, and began as an operating room nurse at Mt Sinai Hospital. In 1955, Shirley began working as an operating room nurse at the Hospital for Special  Surgery, also in New York City.

In 1956 she married Sherwin Sharan and they lived in Queens county until they purchased a house in White Plains, NY, living there until they moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1977.

Shirley entered NYU as an undergraduate in NYU’s nursing program. She received her BS degree in 1967, then entered the Health Education Program at NYU. She received her MA degree in 1972.

Shirley just celebrated her 85th birthday and has begun once again to develop an understanding of the changes since she laid off web surfing and developing in the year 2000.

Never being blessed with children, she accepted the invitation of her twin sister’s daughter, Michele, to relocate to Fort Wayne, Indiana. That is where she now resides.

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