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Oct 17


I love Big Words: words such as – serendipitous, physiological, synonymous, asynchronous, polisyllabic, synchronicity.

Synchronicity. Now that is a beautiful word, and it has a fascinating meaning. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines synchronicity as:

“coincidence in time; contemporaneousness; simultaneousness. (Lots of beautiful Big words.)

Just defining the word synchronicity causes a feeling of expectation. Something is going to happen…….

Have you ever thought of a friend, reminding yourself that it has been a long time since you contacted her? And 2 minutes later she calls you on the phone or tomorrow her letter to you is in your mail box? THAT is synchronicity.

In  Psychoanalysis [big word] synchronicity is defined as the simultaneous {beautiful word} occurrence of causally unrelated events in the belief that the similar occurrences have meaning beyond coincidence. Whew lots of Big words. Shyrl is having a great day! 😊        

Well to continue, my niece and I went to the movies Saturday afternoon. That evening I watched the Halloween Night at SNL. There were various vignettes representing different TV shows or movies in which the stars of those shows were played by SNL staff.

One particular skit showed “Anderson Cooper” in a yellow rain slicker lying in front of a culvert which has  furiously cascading rain water flowing into the culvert. Anderson is trying to retrieve his toy boat that was rushed into the culvert before he was fast enough to retrieve it. Looking into the culvert, he found a clown who laughingly stated she was “Hillary Clinton” and that he could retrieve the boat if he just reached in and took it from her. Hesitating a short time and at her insistence, he reached his arm into the culvert; the clown grabbed it, chewed it off and pulled Anderson in to the rain filled culvert. End of the skit.

And my reason for this post, except to make another contribution to my web site?

Can’t you guess?   SYNCHRONICITY.

My niece and I had watched the movie “It” that day, and I watched SNL that night. It was the first time in years I even attempted to tune in SNL, since I was already too old to even understand it anymore.

But, that scene I described is something I would never have known its significance (good word) without having seen the movie “It” that afternoon. Because, that scene depicted the  thrust of the movie “It”.

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